What Is The Technology Behind Night Vision?

Night Vision technology has made a giant leaps and right now found its use in a variety of fields and activities.


What Is The Technology Behind Night VisionNight vision equipment depend on the photo electric effect which was first discovered experimentally by Heinrich Hertz in 1887 and explained by Albert Einstein in 1905 using quantum theory. The principle behind the technology is quite simple – light is gathered and intensified and project as on a TV screen. Today depending on what type of light intensifier what tube is used, all devices are categorized into 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation units.

First Generation Night Vision

First generation is the most popular type of night vision in the world. 1st generation will amplify the existing light several thousand times letting you clearly see in the dark. These units provide a bright and sharp image at a low cost, which is perfect, whether you are boating, observing wildlife, or providing security for your home. The downside is that the image may be slightly blurry around the edges.

Second Generation Night Vision

Second generation is primarily used by law enforcement or for professional applications. The main difference between a 1st and a 2nd generation unit is the addition of a micro-channel plate. It works as an additional electron amplifier. This extra process allows 2nd generation units to amplify the light many more times then 1st generation giving you a brighter and sharper image.

Third Generation Night Vision

Third generation is the latest in night vision technology. By adding a sensitive chemical to the photocathode a brighter and sharper image was achieved. However, it is vastly more expensive then 1st or 2nd generation.

American Technologies Network Corporation

American Technologies Network Corporation has been supplying Night Vision and Optical products to the Commercial, Law Enforcement, and Military markets. ATN has always set itself apart from the competition by developing products that are truly unique. ATN uses the most modern components and manufacturing processes. From entry-level night vision scopes to state-of-the-art night vision goggle systems, ATN offers a reliable quality and true value. Among them are Night Vision Monoculars, Night Vision Goggles, Night Vision Binoculars, Night Vision Weapon Sights, advanced Day/Night Vision Systems. All these come packed with high tech features such as Glass Optics, Camera adaptability, IR illuminators and ATN Smart Technology.

Although all those are top smart, they still are friendly to use, explore and experience. The gadgets vary in size and price and some are specifically designed for difficult conditions. This technology is a result of a long military development which as we know has great financing and gets the best specialists. Hence no wonder that after it became available to an average customer, it has been a point of interest and curiosity for many amateurs and professionals as well.

Final Words

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